Sat, Sept 7, 2019.

My daughter turns two in a week. It's been an exhilarating and honestly tasking journey. Parenthood changes you. Every single decision I make now revolves around the family. She also starts preschool on Monday and I anxiously look forward to dropping her off.

I recently got back to ML/AI after I dropped my lessons because of lack of interesting experiments to work on. Now I have a couple of fun things to use it for both personally and at work. If the personal experiments turn out interesting enough, I will surely share.

I started redesigning Suet recently. The current focus is going beyond just the analytic feeds to build an intelligence tool that can allow creating user and mail segments based on multiple filters. An example: How many password reset mails did we send this month to the platform: OSX.

Idea I'm playing with in my head: a different type of social media...I know, I know...but wait...imagine this "now" page as a type of social media.