09 Oct 2010


Phones are great! Bad news is: they can be unpredictable - data loss, corruption or even loss of the phone itself. myContacts, however, helps you backup and manage the most important item of your phone - your contacts.

Gotcha, I've got a PC suite!

Don't we all? Well, I do too. In fact two. But then there is just one difference with myContacts - multiple channels to access and manage your contacts - web, mobile (site + app), and directly via the native syncronization feature on your phone.

Hmmm...ok, I want in

Great! *Happy smile*. Head out to mycontactsapp.com, and drop your mobile number. Once we start dishing out the invites, we'll send yours to you via sms. Don't forget to follow the blog here: blog.mycontactsapp.com and the twitter account around here @mycontactsapp.


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