05 Dec 2010

Screencasting on mobile

Ever thought of the been able to screencast on your phone? I have.

I have looked around for mobile applications to do this. You just install on your phone and start screencasting just as you do on PC with softwares like CamStudio. But the closest I've got are just ones to take screenshots. Seems phones don't programatically allow direct recording of the mobile screen afterall*. I however found apps that enable you see your mobile screen on your PC. These apps come in two. You install one on the phone and one on your PC, connect your phone to PC (via bluetooth, cable or other means), start both apps and your mobile screen is displayed on your PC on the fly. You can even control your phone directly from your PC like use your PC keyboard to send sms and things like that. With these apps you can easily use a PC screencast application to then record the shown mobile screen on your PC. Most of the apps however come with that functionality already so you don't need an external screencast app. Once the mobile screen is shown on your PC, you can start recording via the app.

And so there is ImageExpo (Windows and Symbian), My Mobiler (Windows, freeware) and Remote Professional (Symbian). Ofcourse, there are a whole lot of others. I however got to test only Remote Professional. Great app I will say but it is commercial (~ $35). The trial allows only for 5 minutes and adds a 'demo' footer to the screen. It is worth checking out though. You may also want to checkout the screencast of 'Medal of Honor' I did with it here on YouTube.


What if you have get a screenshot app that can take between 15 and 20 screenshots per second on your phone, export the screenshots to your PC and use an application like ffmpeg to convert the pictures to video? Yeah, I know it's crazy but just for the utter fun of it. It sounds easy and I think it is. The only complication is if Symbian allows that much of sceenshots in a second timeframe. Too bad I'm not a symbian programmer and I doubt you can pull stunts like this on Java. Well, I got an opensource screenshot symbian app and edited the screenshot multimode timeframe to be able to do a couple of pictures per second. I have submitted it for open signing and earnestly awaits how it turns out. 'Will mostdef share as it goes.

*Prove me wrong as regards this. My assumption is based on fact that I have not come across any.


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