08 Sep 2011

Why I'm not following you

Blame this post on the boredom of a 10hr+ road trip. But really, my twitter follower count is about 400 and I had to break some rules to follow just over half that number. Here are some reasons why.

1. The noise
I like to read all tweets on my timeline. This means having to follow just a few people with worthy tweets. I use to keep that number to just 140. These days, well, its well over that but I try to reduce the number as much as I can coz really, the lesser the count, the lesser the noise.

2. I didnt know
Gone are the early days I check my follower count at each noticed count increase. These days it's just once in a while. And even then its mostly a quick glimpse and that's all. A lot of follower get attention by asking for a follow back. I prefer engagement. That is, contributing to or sharing a tweet. By the mention, I become easily aware of your presence.

3. Our differences
So I decide to follow you. The first thing is checking your tweets. Twitter to me is my channel of keeping up with my interests. Then plus gossips, gists, fun and one-liners too. If there is a convergence of interest, I don't care if your tweet or follower count is just 10, it is a go. Not? Well your bio or avatar better do the charm ;)

4. You retweet to reply?
Really? That just makes my timeline noisy as I get to see tweets that are not my concern. Normal replies (@receiver reply msg) ensures only the receiver and his/her follower gets the tweet. This also keeps the conversation flow.
Retweeting to reply has its place though. It's useful when you want the tweet to be visible to everyone. But no, not for every replies.

That's basically it. And if I even still dont follow you, please don't take it personal. Truth is I don't even follow most of my real life best friends on twitter. That's what facebook is for.


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