15 Jan 2013

So I downloaded my tweet archive

Something drew me to my Twitter settings page (on web) and I noticed I can now request my tweet archive. So I did and within few minutes the download link popped up in my email. I spent the next long minutes, after download, going through the sentences that made up my first tweets. There was an overwhelming nostalgia this brought. I couldn't help but make out a couple of things.

Time is always on the move

It's hard to believe I tweeted some of those things some 5 years ago. Some of them were like yesterday. Morale of this for me is that there is never a "too late" time. If there is anything you need to commit to for long term, do. Before you know it, you are asking how fast time has gone.

An era ends, another begins

It is amazing looking back at the lot of things that were but are no more. Wave, Digg, Y! Meme, naijaPulse to mention a few. Personally, I have worked on a lot of things as well. Most of my early tweets were about the now defunct ngbot. But not only products. Relationships too. The interesting part? When one ends, another starts. Things may not work out as planned. You may fail somewhere in between. People will leave or change. There is however always a chance to start again.

Conversations open the world around you

It's interesting to see how my tweets evolved from "soliloquy" to conversation - commenting on tweets, debating ideas, receiving feedbacks, etc. It all seem "ordinary" but a second look, you realize how deeper it can get. Somehow, you start having a different perception of the world around. You understand and learn more things from others. But it doesn't end there. Sometimes, you build even more real relationships. I have met and worked with a lot of great people through twitter - Franc, OO, Gbenga Sesan (even though we haven't met physically), and a lot of others. A real lot. If it can get this great online with people you hardly know at first, think of the endless possiblities conversations can achieve in real life.

It has really been fun going through the old tweets. I got tired and stopped somewhere around 2010. I will probably contine going through the tweets later. You should check to see if you have access to yours already as well.


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