22 Feb 2013

The Memory Box

I have an old box I stock things that may later be useful. I was at home a couple of weeks ago and opened it after a long time. The things I found in it were quite interesting.

Who remembers floppy disks?

My first laptop didn't have floppy drive. This was the external drive I got.

SE K750i. October 27, 2006. The phone was the shit then. Bought mine ₦32,000

Jan 8, 2008. SE W810, ₦27,900

March 23, 2008 (barely 3 months later), SE W880i, ₦30,000


Well, what would I say? Today's gold, tomorrow's copper.

In case you are wondering, I used 6 Sony Ericsson phones straight up, starting from the blue faced T105. Should I count? T105, K750i, K770i, W810i, W880i, P910i. (I have used 5 Nokias after that and currently on my first LG).

Hahaha...I used to collect beautiful cards. It was my obsession. And don't deny you don't have something you collect too.

This one is funny. I didn't even have a girlfriend when I bought it.

The other things were letters and cards from female friends (all of whom are married now), friends and fam.

And oh, yours truly before the beards :)


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