22 Mar 2013

Deconstructing "Project" and "Collaboration"

"Prowork is a simple project management and collaboration tool".

Collaboration is a simple word. Term that "working together". If we however break down the "project management" to its simplest form, we can see the various interesting ways this can be extended to.

  • A list of personal daily todos that I can sync to other platforms like Google tasks.
  • An app I can write notes with and invite others to proof read, contribute and edit.
  • A way to manage bugs by logging and assigning team members for fix.

And yes, you can extend Prowork. We've maintained an API to allow this almost since launch. What this means is you can even port Prowork to your own preferred platform, tool or device like W8, native Android, native iOS or desktop app. Or a part of the app to your "comfort zone":

  • My missed calls as tasks
  • Android status bar notifications for my Prowork notifications
  • My Prowork notifications or chats as messages to my XMPP client (Gtalk as example)

The things you can do are endless. Just think of the "project" as a specific thing you want to "manage" and possibly (not really) work with others on - todos, bugs, notes, finances, daily journal, etc. The Prowork API is there for you to build on. And It is not difficult. I will show you how. In coming weeks, I will be posting series of tutorials and apps on "Hacking Prowork" on the Prowork blog. In the mean time, if you use PHP, check out the Prowork API PHP library for a start: github.com/kehers/api.prowork.php


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My name is Opeyemi Obembe. I build things for web and mobile and write about my experiments. Follow me on Twitter–@kehers.


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