04 Oct 2013

My web dev platforms and tools

Here are my web dev platforms and tools


  • VPS
    Rackspace mainly. I tried DigitalOcean recently and I really love the simplicity of the admin console and cheap price. Ok, the cheap price really. I'm probably using them for my next stuff.

  • Shared
    I don't do much of shared hosting stuff these days. When I do, it's gigalayer.

Domain name

I started domain name management with 007names a long time ago. I even still have a couple of domain names there. But I have since moved to namecheap. Why not name.com? Well, they don't accept any of my cards.

Managing emails and mailbox

It used to be Google apps. Now I use mailgun (comes with 50,000/month free emails for Rackspace users).

Sending emails

Amazon SES. I have used MailChimp's Mandrill of late and I prefer the interface and analytics. It will be my default now.


Since most of my stuffs are on Rackspace, I use Rackspace's cloud files. Now that I am planning to have my next thing on DigitalOcean, I may get to use Amazon cloudfront or s3.


Old google analytics. I use segment.io for Twhii and it's really cool too.


Github and Bitbucket. You should see that coming.


Windows (7) and Ubuntu (12.04). Dual boot.

On my servers, CentOs or Ubuntu.


Notepad++ on Windows. Sublime Text on Ubuntu.

I think that is basically it. At least, the ones I can remember.


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My name is Opeyemi Obembe. I build things for web and mobile and write about my experiments. Follow me on Twitter–@kehers.


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