31 Dec 2013

2013 dev/code recap

Here is my code/development (the ones I remember) related recap of 2013.

  • I moved this blog from Posterous to Jekyll on Github pages. The source is available at github.com/kehers/kehers.github.com

  • Analytics.php
    Wrote a PHP wrapper for segment.io and the awesome guys gave me a "free Segment.io server-side forever" for this. By the way, they now have an official PHP library.

  • Prowork Notifications [android] + source
    Built an android notification app to demonstrate Prowork's push API and use of Google Cloud Messaging. The source is available at github.com/kehers/Prowork-Notifications

  • Prowork v3
    Re-engineered Prowork's task page and some other parts with Backbone js for that realtime effect.

  • Email validation with Mailgun API
    Wrote an email validation class in PHP using Mailgun's API. It does syntax checks (RFC defined grammar), DNS validation, Spell checks (gives you a did you mean suggestion) and Email Service Provider (ESP) specific local-part grammar (if available). It is available at github.com/kehers/MG_Email

  • I sold Twhii. I needed to cut out some things. (Or maybe just find new things to waste my time on)

  • I almost sold Stallls. The terms were just too hard for me.

  • Consuming the API
    I have always loved how APIs work and have built stuffs on a lot of them. Twhii is one example I ran for 2 years. I however noticed many developers don't really 'get' APIs. I started a book on API consumption 2012 but wasn't focused on it. When I started working on Fonenode, I found the need and picked it up again. It is almost complete now. Kindly subscribe and get notified when it is. Plus I will send you the first sample draft already.

  • Birthdays.im
    An experiment and code example for my upcoming book - Consuming the API. It is a simple sms reminder for birthdays. The app pulls your friends' birthdays from Facebook and sends you daily reminders via SMS. Where it gets interesting is you can query birthdays for a particular day or a person by texting the day or name to a dedicated line. The idea is to show two way SMS interaction using the Plivo API and Facebook API. PS: I have disabled the SMS notification now though.

  • Fonenode
    I have been experimenting with telephony for quite a while and did some stuffs with Oo earlier in the year. We later launched Fonenode, the call button, and I am already working on a new product we have up our sleeves. Do watch this space.


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