Opeyemi Obembe


These days, it's hard to fit what I do in a single category. My 15+ years experience range from product development to design on mobile and web, frontend and backend development, devops and everything in-between.

My current fascination is understanding how people use products and how to build products people love.

My name is Opeyemi Obembe. I am a technology enthusiast currently based in Lagos, Nigeria the UK.


Now: I am building Engage, a marketing automation tool for customer segmentation, targeted campaigns and message automation.

Dec 2017 - July 2020: Led technology for RelianceHMO where I managed an amazing team of engineers building amazing healthcare products.

Earlier: I cofounded a project management startup, a telephony startup (we built a telephony API platform and a callcenter application) and consulted for some startups and companies.


I run personal experiments at everygood.co. If you are interested in the things I have built in the past, I am compiling a list here: experiments (Airtable).

By the way, I wrote an introduction to consuming REST APIs.


I'd love to hear from you. I am @kehers on Twitter (best way to reach me), Instagram and Github. If email is your thing, it's kehers at gmail.