12 Oct 2010

[My] top 5 symbian apps for developers

As a developer I always find the need to pull one or more of those development stunts on mobile - editing files, SSH, FTP, web surfing, etc. Yeah I got a laptop but then talking mobility, the phone is still that one thing that goes with you everywhere. My active phone, a Nokia E5 to be precise, runs on Symbian OS (s60 v3) and here is a collection of my top apps as related to development on the go.


I see you flinch. You may be tempted to say it's not a development tool but to me I it is. Nothing has helped me stay so active online - searching, tweeting, checking sites, doing emails than the beautiful browser. No need to mention its support for RSS as well. Frankly, I think Opera deserves the number one position.

By the way, if you run on MTN, you should be sure to use Opera mobile (the symbian) and not the java version as the network blocks traffic from the user-agent. Don't ask me why. You may also want to consider other good alternative mobile browsers like UCWeb and Bolt.


WAMP? LAMP? Yeah, yeah, there is PAMP (Personal Apache MySQL PHP) too. PAMP setups your Apache, PHP and MySQL right there for you on mobile just as you have it on PC so you can have your little server right there on your phone. Download link


Yeah, you are right. It is the same popular free SSH client you know for pc. Putty for Symbian OS allows you just as much SSH freedom as does the desktop version.


Ofcourse, development is never complete without a FTP client to push and pull files and related documents online. And so there is SIC! FTP to take care of that for you. Other beautiful alternative (in java) is MobyExplorer but it's not free - comes with 20 days trial and an intermittent register nag window.


Xplore isn't really a development tool but comes really handy. Xplore is a mobile file manager applications that allows you the craziest file management on your phone. Copying, editing, deleting, hidden, encrypting, compressing/undecompressing, renaming, just name it! What's more, you have access to your message folders and can copy out recieved beams (files sent via bluetooth) to another source. It's simply amazing!

Ok, these are my top 5 apps. There are a whole lot I run on that I'd have loved to mention but since I'm limiting the post to just 5, the formentioned comes first.

Did I miss anything? What mobile apps gives you development on the go? Post as comments.


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