17 Sep 2011

Twhii v0.7 build 49

Had few hours to toy with Twhii tonight and finally decided to push it public. In case you missed the gist, Twhii is an experimental twitter client for java phones. Its still a long way from okay, but it works - you can read your timeline, mentions and tweets, send tweets, reply, quote, retweet, fav, delete and all those. I have shared the developer version with some friends on twitter and basically not much has really changed:

  • No activity indicator in a lot of places. So many times you may not know if the app is working (busy pulling data) or just dozing off. The recommendation here is to be patient for a while when expecting a data pull or so.
  • High data consumption. The app uses the raw json data from the twitter api. I MAY be introducing a proxy server that will minify data later.
  • You can't view your sent DM. As I rarely check my sent DMs, this didn't come to my mind in time :/
  • No new DM. To send a new DM, go Menu->Tweet: "d recipient_username Dm here" (no quotes though!). You can reply DMs and directly send a DM to a user from a tweet though. (Press your right direction key to see tweet options when on a tweet)
  • List, Trends and Tags not available.
  • The rendering attimes get wobbled especially with tweets containing some html entities.
  • In user profile, the scrolling is still awkward. Will find time to fix that.
  • The app is optimized for qwerty keypad (I use one :-P). For numeric keypads, turn on liveEdit, go to Menu->Settings->Live Edit. The plus with the application's own editor is username autocomplete. To switch from the applications editor to the phone's native editor, press * for half a minute when in the editor mode.

For those that have tried the developer build, the changes to this build (49) include:

  • Fixed oncancel error for 'Find Username'
  • Save update interval
  • Tweet not sending if location is set on but not available

Here is the download link: http://cl.ly/ADvN. Alternatively, you can download the direct jar and jad file via http://twhii.devedgelabs.com/Twhii.jar and http://twhii.devedgelabs.com/Twhii.jad respectively.

As usual, feedbacks via @kehers.



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