30 Oct 2012

Naming and Design - Revisiting Topup Genie

So TopupGenie got across to me on twitter to know what problems I was having with the site. Mentioning I couldn't register seem strange to them so I decided to give it another patient spin this morning. But I still couldn't find any other fields except the pin field in the signup page.

I mentioned it to Namzo and he suggested I turn off ad-block (Yeah, I have ad-block *devil smiley*). That sounded strange. How could ad-block possibly affect the fields? So I checked the source code and yeah, there were other fields, hidden.

The reason doesn't seem far fetched. The elements have ids (adj) similar to the word "ad". Truly, when I turned off ad-block, viola, the fields were back.

While Topup Genie can't be blamed for the naming, I guess I can't be blamed for using ad-block as well :) Many others do and will. I think the lesson is we should be careful of how we name design elements and attributes.

I have notified Topup Genie about this and sure they will fix it pretty soon.


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