30 Jan 2013

January 2013

[Dev] things I did in January:




Made a couple of updates and bug fix to Prowork. This is the primary thing I work on for now anyways. By the way, we have a new mobile site for smart phone browsers: http://mobile.prowork.me/


Truth is I have actually been working on this since late last year when I'm not on Prowork. The idea is a simple service that allows you create your own local e-store. (See the FAQ). I actually started sending out invites this month and pushed a lot of updates and bug fix.

Recharge card site

Namzo and I decided to build a complete online recharge card solution. One page thing. No signups or login. Just pick your card, pay and get out. We have no plans of running it ourselves though. It's up for sale - full source codes, domain name, 24 hours support spread over up to 30 days, free integration of payment and sms gateway and more. The admin panel features graphical stats of purchases in the last week, all time card stats, expected earnings and more. If you are interested (and for a demo) hit me or @namzo up.


I ran into analytics.js, got pulled to segment.io and decided to write a PHP wrapper. Well, the awesome guys at segment.io decided to give me a "free Segment.io server-side forever" for this.


@olibenu started an awesome project of aggregating the every day Nigerian values and codes. I contributed the Nigerian states, LGAs and geolocation to this. I don't even know if this counts as all I did was extract the data from a local db and send in a pull request. Barely took 30 minutes.

That's basically it. On the fun side, you can check out the boring solo I did on Train's Marry me



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