03 Sep 2013

What Firstmonie got right

I spent some minutes checking First Bank's mobile money service, Firstmonie, over the the weekend. I'm yet to register though, but I see myself using the service. Okay, I may not find the need but I'm impressed by a couple of things. (As seen on the site)

  1. Platforms
    The service is available on web, mobile apps (on the major platforms), and USSD (*894#). It is therefore easy to get started from your comfort zone.

  2. ATM funding
    I like the fact that you can fund your account with your ATM card (not necessarily First Bank's) from [their] ATM. You are not restricted to funding via internet or agent.

  3. Account linking
    You can link your mobile money account to your [First] bank account. This means you can easily transfer cash between the accounts.

  4. Easy pay out and cash withdrawal
    This is my fav. When you send money to someone, the person can easily make a cardless withdrawal from any First Bank ATM. He/she doesn't need to have a Firstmonie account.

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