31 Mar 2013

March 2013

The majority of my dev work this month has been on Prowork. There have been other things I can't mention though. Well, besides CallPolls.


An IVR poll application with a local number. Call in, answer a question. That simple. But it wasn't really about the app. It is an experiment with Oo. Besides payment, IVR has been another part of tech I have been interested in. I even once built a webapp for distributing calls within group members. I think there is a lot of possibilties that can be achieved by making our local numbers more flexible. What if right here, right now, I can set up extensions (the press 1 to do this, press 2 for that things) on my phone? Or automatically forward my sms to a website?

Prowork API

I've been updating the Prowork API and adding more methods. Notably, there are methods to subscribe and unsubscribe to the project activity streams via push. I have also been doing little API envagelism and even started a series on the Prowork blog about building stuffs on the Prowork API.

Prowork Notifications Android App + Source

While I work on the Prowork Android App, I stole time to extract the notification part to an app on its own. As part of the Hacking Prowork series, there is a tutorial about it and Google Cloud Messaging and the source is available on Github.

Google Play Dev Acc

Consequently, I got my Play Store Dev account. $25. Took just a couple of minutes.

That's pretty it. There are a whole lot of other things I'm on but yet to complete. I'm yet to even touch my RasPi. I have set up the OS though. Let's see how April goes.


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